Small can be beautiful.

imageI prefer the smaller dreams to come true, less chance of being disappointed. However, the smaller dreams can become a huge and happy part of your life.

I love lemons.  Lemon curd, lemon ice cream, lemon sliced in a drink…..even lemon scented cleaning products.  So when we moved to Cyprus the first things I wanted to do was plant a lemon tree.   I went to the local garden centre and bought, what I thought was the ideal tree.  The tree was small but it already had one lemon and new flowers.

Home it came and I began making the tree a home to call its own.  Plenty of water and weeks later I peered through the greenery to see small green baby lemons where the flower buds once sat.  This was one of my dreams beginning to grow.  A few months later I was able to actually pick my first lemon from my first tree.  The smell was wonderful, so strong and fresh.  I will admit to finding it hard to cut into my first hand picked lemon but… Cut I did.  I found not one pip in the whole lemon.  My tree is pipless!

Each year this tree provides 30-50 lemons for us to enjoy. I now have lemon slices frozen in my freezer, lemon juice in ice trays and lemons in my fruit dish.   This is one small dream that came true for me which has continually made me smile each day.  I hope one of your small dreams can bring you this much happiness too.

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