An addition to the family

Our golden fluffy bundle of joy

“I need someone to foster a ball of fluff for 2 weeks”, is what the kennel lady said.  I could do that, two weeks is nothing.  Well, that is how it all started.

I arranged to meet this lady to see which of the 5 pups I would like to share my home with for those two weeks.  Immediately my eyes went to the white fluffy thing running around with his brothers, searching for that crumb someone may have dropped or that lost ant to play with.  Within minutes one of his brothers, more golden that the rest, sat by my feet and looked up at me.  I said hello but my attention went back to watching the white fluffy thing causing havoc around the garden.  Every few minutes I would look down to see my new golden friend watching me and sitting patiently as if he was waiting for something.  I stroked him and tickled his ear but went back to watching my white ball of fluff.

My new golden friend was still at my feet 25 minutes later.  After several pick ups and hugs I knew my decision to which pup to take home would be difficult – I had fallen in love with two very different pups.  Could I possibly take two!   Definitely not, my hubby would not be a happy chappy.

It ended up to be not that difficult a decision to make.  The white fluffy thing was certainly not interested in anything but his own little world.  He was having fun.  It was a different story with the golden fluffy thing at my feet.  His eyes never left mine.  He was trying to tell me something…..‘please take me away from here’.  Apparently he had been named Sandy.

Decision made and off we went.   How could I resist such pleading eyes that were full of hope and love. Only for two weeks mind then a permanent home would be found where he can be loved and cherished.  Sandy was sitting in a box on the passenger footwell of my car and still watching my every move.

Sandy loved his new home.  He ran around, tail wagging, taking in all the smells and different textures on the floor.  After a few minutes he promptly lay on a rug in the centre of the lounge and went to sleep – he was home.  But…. only for two weeks.

You all know what is coming don’t you.  After only a few hours John and I looked at each other and said, ‘How can we not keep him – have we really fallen in love with Sandy so quickly?’

Within 24 hours he was not going anywhere.  Decision made.  The only stumbling block was his name.  Sandy just did not roll off the tongue for us.  Several times I had said, ‘You are a proper little Charlie’ to the pup fighting with the teddy or trying to pick up a bone that was twice his own weight.  So, Charlie he would be.  It just seemed to fit.

This was Charlie’s first bed.  Take a look for yourselves by clicking on the link below, Charlie loved it.

Charlie’s First Bed


It is now 5 years on and Charlie has become my protector and savour.  He watches over me especially when I go to take a shower or use the bathroom.  He will sit outside the door making sure I do not come to any harm, he eats the flies that annoy me and he washes my legs and feet on a regular basis.  I will admit that he washes everyone that arrives at our home, it is what Charlie does, it is his purpose in life.  He is a top to toe golden boy and we could not imagine life without him.

Thank you Charlie for choosing me.

This was Charlie’s first toy. He absolutely loved it. Take a look for yourselves by clicking on the link below.

Charlie’s First Toy

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