Why live in a hole in the ground?

I was once asked by someone close to me ‘Why do you want to live in a hole in the ground and bury yourself away’?   Actually it’s not a bad question if you are willing to hear the answer.

Yes, when you live in a cave you are mainly underground.   Some caves only have front entrances and few windows.  We are lucky as our cave goes straight through the hillside giving us 4 doors and 7 windows.  The temperatures are ideal giving you coolness in the summer months and warmth (with the help of log burners) in the winter.

We have all mod cons – WiFi, electricity, running water etc. so we do not go short of any comforts.   Take a look at our progress as we make our cave into our dream home.   To ensure you don’t miss an update please fill in your email address on the right hand side and you will get notification as soon as an update is released.