32. Help! Builders are back.

Yes, builders are back but I’ve found them to be very controllable. Lots of coffee, throw in sausage sandwiches with the occasional KitKat and they are as happy as Larry (Well Darren actually but it didn’t sound right).

All cave owners are aware that each cave house is unique and comes with its own set of problems. We have also learnt that each cave can have different issues within each cave room. Caves need air flow, more so than the traditional homes, and depending on your particular area, constant upkeep. Issues with saltpeter and damp can be a constant headache in some cave. We are lucky as we do not have damp issues. Whether that is our surrounding area around the cave system or if it’s due to the cave system going straight through the hillside giving us a front and a back. It certainly helps with ventilation that’s so important to the cave environment. We do however, suffer from saltpeter in some parts of our cave.

Most of our cave rooms are great and have not been touched in the 3 years we have been here but we have two main areas that need constant attention. One of our corridor walls has had 3 different treatments to try and halt the saltpeter that is seeping through. My last attempt appears to be holding it back but I still have my fingers crossed.

The other main area is our own lounge. The yeso (plaster) does not want to stay up. It appears that it’s reacting to the cement that is on the walls. So…builders are my only option. It’s not a job for a novice like me. We love this cosy room especially in those cold nights when we have the log burner roaring and sitting with a lovely drink with boys at our feet. This room deserve the best.

Darren and co from Top Build plan to take as many layers as they can off the walls, re concrete with added additives and finally a good coat of yeso. Will it solve our problems? It’s too early to tell but Darren is confident it is the best course of action. Am I crossing fingers – yes of course. I’m just hedging my bets.

We are lucky to have our rental cave next door, Cueva Limon, which allows us to use the rooms during the day but we can still pop next door to sleep. It saves the faff of moving cloths etc across and, there’s nothing like your own bed is there! Check out http://www.caveholidays.com and see how far we have come to completing our new holiday rental. We have a couple of great surprise additions coming soon to Cueva Limon so keep watching.

So, by the end of the week we will have the perfect lounge where we can sit and chill with our three boys. P.S. I don’t think Darren is aware as yet but I’ve bolted down the gates so that he cannot escape. I have other work for him to do and I know he is in high demand so…. I should appologise to all the local people who are expecting Darren soon. Sorry, but he has been detained for some considerable time.

Loving cave land.