30. Cave Haven

We may have reduced the number of caves we own from 8 down to 2 but my workload does not appear, as yet, to reflect this.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. 

If you have been following my blog, you will know that we have a large cave complex which we divided into 2.  We live in one and the other has been licenced to rent within the holiday market.  In the Granada Province known as the Altiplano there are many cave homes.  Some can be seen as you drive passed but the majority are hidden away within the hills that surround us.   This area has many spectacular lakes, mountains and trails to explore with a wide variety of activities to choose from.  Our own grounds around the caves cover 10,000 sq meters so finding somewhere to relax is not hard.  The hard part is which area to choose!

The choice of holiday destinations and accommodation are important to everyone but even more so in 2021 and 2022.  The next holiday I personally choose will be especially important for our well being and sanity after what we have all endured, and continue to endure, as I write this page.  I will not pick a destination by sticking a pin in a map.   I will be looking for relaxation, comfort and something unique which is far away from our everyday life.   This is what I am trying to achieve for our future guests here at Cueva Limón.

As work continues at Cueva Limón I now have sight of the finish line, and it’s looking good.  This weekend I am attempting to build a work surface and shelving unit that will be at the side of the large gas BBQ.   A couple of days ago I purchased the bardos for the selves, I have the bricks, tiles and capa fina (plaster) so, all I need now is the cement.  Lockdown will not make this the easy task it should be but…. this lady will get cement!  

We have other other areas that we have to finish – the petanque area and a tiled dining table with benches.    We may also have a surprise addition to the back of the cave if (and it’s a big if!) I can persuade my other half that it’s a great idea.   Do you think you would enjoy sitting in a large spa bath as you take in the afternoon sun or could you enjoy a relaxing spa under the stars during our many warm evenings?  I know I would.  

The website for our new rental, Cueva Limón is complete other than the final pictures and a little tweaking.  I want to ensure future guests have all the information they require to book a cave holiday with us in total confidence and have something they can truly look forward to.  

After much thought we have taken the decision to be an ‘adult only’ accommodation during our first couple of years.  After that we can revisit the decision and make changes if we feel it is necessary.

So, take a look at the almost finished project and get a taste of where you future holiday could be.    http://www.caveholidays.com.   Please don’t forget that we have three lovely dogs that share the outdoor areas.  They will want to come and say hello to you before they collapse for their very frequent daily naps.  

Cave holidays are unique and they start right here.   Stay safe and we look forward to meet you very soon.

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