Does money make us happy? If not, what does?

images-1Deep down we all know that money is not the ‘be all and end all’ but … this modern society we live in today it is necessary if we want to live comfortably.   However, what is the definition of comfortable and how much money do we need to achieve it?   I believe that the sum of money you need to be comfortable cannot be quantified. Why? Living in London you will need more of the ‘cash’ to live the same life as you would in say, in Thailand.

So my definition of comfortable would be whether I have enough food, shelter and love around me to live a good and happy life.  I personally have too much food, have a lovely ‘shelter’ and lots of love. I am one of the lucky ones. If I was to loose one of those elements, my life would soon turn upside down.  It has happened to me in the past but, in time, I managed to replace that missing element which allowed me to live life again with a smile.

The future is unpredictable – you may have years of happiness still to go but you may not! Make everyday count. Don’t let others put you down, make you feel worthless or insecure. If they do, get rid and quickly. You deserve better.

Sometimes we can overlook the smaller things in our life.  However, if they ceases to exist or exit our lives, we may find a hole in our very existence. That hole could be filled with other similar things, but occasionally, filling that hole is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. It just cannot happen.

So…. Open your eyes to what is around you and make the most of every single day. Get up early and watch the sun rise or listen to the birds singing their hearts out at the start of their day. Make a point of listening to the sound of the rain in the trees, savour the taste of the tomatoes you are having for lunch or the look at your partners/pets eyes as they talk/listen to you.

Say thank you to others, no matter how small a deed it was, and do something good for others at least once a day. When you do something simple for someone else, that act may have a profound effect on their lives. You will never know but it may be like a domino effect on others and yes, you started it. For example. You may come across a person in need of a smile. By giving them a caring smile may just make them realise that life is perhaps not that bad after all. They may have been thinking of suicide at that very moment you came along and your smile gave them hope. This in turn would effect their family and friends etc etc. You just never know how you effect others around you.

I had just that experience. I worked as a Samaritan volunteer in a large city in the UK. I had an Irish man call early one morning to tell me he had cut his wrists and just wanted to tell someone before he passed out. It would not be long. After the initial talk about not being able to trace calls and not being able to help if he did not give me any info to where he was, all I could do was listen to him. He ended the call saying thank you and hung up. I had no idea who he was, where he lived or whether he had passed away. I felt very useless. However, not long after, I received a call telling me that the gentleman I had talked to that morning had insisted that I be contacted. Why, to tell me that I had given him hope and made him realise that there were still good people in the world and that realisation had made him decide to call for help. He would survive. What did I do, nothing but listen.

All these things are free and will make you a happier person. You could even be a unknown benefactor in other people’s lives. Try it, go on.

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